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Facts and Figures – Kwekwe

Land Area:

100 square kilometres

Position of Kwekwe:

The City of Kwekwe stands as the heart of Zimbabwe and is has equidistant from the cities of Harare and Bulawayo


100 455 (2010) Kwekwe is the fifth largest city of Zimbabwe. It is endowed with rich Gold and Iron mineral deposits and is situated in the centre of Zimbabwe between the country’s major metropolitan cities of Harare and Bulawayo. Kwekwe’s strategic geographic position contributes to it being a potential industrial nerve centre of Zimbabwe. It is situated Zimbabwe’s Great Dyke renowned for its minerals deposits – which has led to its fast development and growth. It is linked to other major cities by road, railway and air networks.

Why Invest in Kwekwe:

Kwekwe is centrally located and is served by an agriculturally and mineral rich hinderland. The city boast of heavy industries which include iron and steel, ferro chrome, ammonium nitrate, maltings and giant gold mines. Amongst the city attributes for the investor are: Ample hydro and thermal power which is accessible; and abundance and reliability of water supply; and skilled and semi skilled labour. Kwekwe is also served by good communication and transportation networks, industrial, commercial and residential land is easily available. Mining activities spearhead industrial development in Kwekwe and apart from rich mineral deposits, Kwekwe’s hinderland is agriculturally rich. This has led to the City’s diversified industrial base, based on iron and steel, ferro chrome and industrial products.

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