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Internal Audit

The Audit Manager Mr M Mutema ( heads the section and is accountable to the Audit Committee. The section reports administratively to the Town Clerk.


The internal audit function provides independent, objective assurance and consulting service designed to add value and improve the Council’s operations.  It helps the organisation in risk management, control and governance processes.

Key Audit Functions

The Audit function provides independent assurance to the Audit Committee and Management on;

  • The manner in which the finances of Council, its assets and Human Resources are being used.
  • Ascertaining that funds and assets of Council are applied to the purpose intended and are consistent with prescribed laws, best practices, Council and Management policies.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness and contributing to the improvement of risk management processes.
  • The audit function also provides advisory services which are intended to add value and improve the organisation’s operations such as counsel, advice, facilitation, process design and training.

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