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Why Invest in Kwekwe

Kwekwe is centrally located and is served by an agriculturally and mineral rich hinterland. The city boast of heavy industries which include iron and steel, Ferro chrome, ammonium nitrate, malting and giant gold mines. Amongst the city attributes for the investor are: Ample hydro and thermal power which is accessible; and abundance and reliability of water supply; and skilled and semi-skilled labor.

Kwekwe is also served by good communication and transportation networks, industrial, commercial and residential land is easily available.

Mining activities spearhead industrial development in Kwekwe and apart from rich mineral deposits, Kwekwe’s hinterland is agriculturally rich. This has led to the City’s diversified industrial base, based on iron and steel, Ferro chrome and industrial products.

Investment Incentives.

  • Land Purchase – The City is renowned for offering land prices well below market values depending on the magnitude of the investment and the spin-off benefits such as Employment creation.
  • Public Private Partnerships – These arrangements are effective means through which medium and large scale investors can be assisted. This incentive has the advantage of reducing the initial capital outlay of new ventures.
  • Land Hire Purchase – An initial deposit of at least 25% with the options to pay instalments on a monthly basis over a period of 12 months.
  • Building Periods – Extensions of up to five years for huge investments.
  • Reduced Tariffs – Reduction of tariffs on services offered by the City but only in instances where they constitute a real benefit to the investor. The determining factor in this case is nature of operation and whether or not the investor has asked for assistance.
  • Accelerated Decisions on Investment Matters – To facilitate quick decisions on investment issues and to cut on bureaucracy by so doing minimizing unnecessary costs to the investor, the City of Kwekwe has set up a one-stop shop to liaise with prospective investors on all development issues.

Investment Opportunities

  • The area is well endowed with minerals like Gold and Chrome (among others). An investor can invest directly into mining or the supply and servicing of mining machinery for big and small miners.
  • Existence of heavy industries. There is great scope to investment in downstream industries related to the giant ZISCO – The New Zim Steel Iron and steel industry and the supply of heavy machinery to the industries.
  • Rich agricultural hinterland – cotton, barley, cattle and game are in abundance. Areas of investment include: textile, brewing and processing of beef and game products like ostriches.
  • Central location of Kwekwe hence its tourist potential. En route to major tourist centers like Great Zimbabwe, Hwange and Victoria Falls. Areas of investment: Motels and Country Clubs and Tour guides. The opening of the Kwekwe – Nkayi – Lupane all-weather roads would mean all the City of Kwekwe would be directly accessible to the major tourist centers to the west and around Kwekwe.
  • The existence of natural resources and man-made dams renders itself for the development of tourist facilities.
  • Located halfway between the most populous cities of Harare and Bulawayo which are major markets for output from industrial and agricultural related activities in the City.
  • Proximity to Sengwa, newly opened coal fields. There is great potential in investment in the processing of coal and coal products. An all-weather highway has been constructed to link Kwekwe to the second largest coal fields after Hwange.
  • The existence of Sable Chemicals, a nitrogenous fertilizer production company is undoubtedly an investment opportunity. Large quantities of gaseous oxygen are released in the process and this has made production of steel and chrome easier and possible. Other by-products are also supplied to chemical processing, engineering and medical industries.
  • Delta Malting Plant, one of the largest in Southern Africa is located in Kwekwe and supplies malt to other Southern African countries. This has been made possible due to abundant barley in the area. There is great potential in investing in the brewing industry.

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